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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 00:00

Joint Training Committee - 2 Minute Briefing

Joint Training Committee – 2 Minute Briefing

Issue 8, March 2014

Quick snapshot of the priority issues and actions worked through at the most recent Joint Committee meeting between CFA and VFBV. (Meeting held Sunday, 16th March 2014)


The CFA has completed the 2014 training calendar for all the roles involved in Incident Management. The calendar will be sent out to all Group Officers. The purpose of the calendars is to show members what training is available for various IMT roles and to indicate pre-requisites required to commence training. The training calendar was developed in consultation with Operations Managers and RIC’s. Each course will be offered to 18 candidates across the four agencies – (DEPI / CFA / VICSES / MFB).  Two application forms are included with the calendar for members interested in training in incident management. The Blue “I.M.T. Training Expression of Interest” form must be completed by volunteers wishing to further their training into the IMT role. This must be approved by both a Group Officer and the Operations Manager. Once an applicant is successful with this step, a further Green form is completed – the “IMT Training Nomination Form”. This is the application for the appropriate course the applicant is approved to attend. This process allows control across the State to best prioritise CFA nominations into these limited positions. For those in the CFA who have previously undertaken and completed Incident Management courses under the pilot program, these will be recognised and certificates will be distributed shortly.


The CFA “Driver Education and Endorsement Strategy 2014 – 2024” is complete, with the strategy going to the Chief Officer for endorsement prior to submission to the CFA Board sub - committee in May 2014 for their approval. Progress is continuing with the Heavy Vehicle Licence Testing. Ongoing consultations are continuing with VicRoads and approved Licencing Providers. There is currently one agreement in place that provides testing in Bairnsdale, Bendigo, Dandenong and Sale.  The CFA has been provided an exemption by VicRoads for the requirement for Licence providers to provide all the driver training under the existing constraints! This approval means that once a driver is trained by the CFA, they will only need to be assessed by the Licenced Provider. The progress for the arrangement of driver training and assessment is at the “final hurdle” however, there is going to be a significant delay of several months for members obtaining medium rigid licences until agreements are in place for each region.


The process of providing First Aid training to the CFA is due for re-tendering in the next 6 months. The Fire Services Commissioner has requested that a common approach to First Aid training be developed across the Victorian emergency services and that a common set of specifications be agreed to by the providers. These specifications are to be developed and sent out to the agencies for reviewing and feedback. The proposal allows for brigades to approach the First Aid training provider directly when they need to undertake first aid training. This allows greater flexibility for brigade members to maintain their first aid certification. The new program also needs to facilitate the needs of members who require any literacy and numeracy support. Trialling of a new approach to CPR training is occurring in District 8 & 22 involving Ambulance Victoria’s ‘4 Steps to Life’ program which allows participants to undertake their own CPR training.


Initial results are in for the F&EM Training Strategy Survey sent out in early January 2014 have come in. Further feedback from volunteers and brigades is needed, so the survey closing date has now been extended to April 15th 2014. A PDF of the survey questionnaire can be found on the CFA online site, and type into the search engine “F&EM Training Strategy Survey”. The PDF for the survey will be the first item on the RH side of the screen under documents. Please fill this survey out and return it to the CFA!


The specifications for the new “Recruit Program” and “Bushfire Skills Program” are complete and currently awaiting the Chief Officers acceptance. The framework allows more flexibility for individual brigades to provide the training to new recruits to suit their own brigade profile. The competencies addressed under the Recruit Program include several training module to be completed that will allow a recruit to obtain the following competencies: PUAFIR215 Prevent Injury; PUAOHS002B Maintain Safety at an incident scene; and PUATEA001B Work in a Team. Likewise the Bushfire Skills Program will involve the completion of several further modules that at the completion of will lead to the attainment of the competency; PUAFIR204B Respond to Wildfire.

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