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October 12, 2023 3453

Now Open - 2023 VFBV Volunteer Survey

The 2023 VFBV Volunteer Survey is now open for all CFA volunteers to take part. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY The survey is an annual snapshot of volunteer opinion, using questions on issues chosen by CFA volunteers. It is one of the key opportunities for CFA volunteers to have their voices both individually and collectively heard. The results from the survey will directly influence the upcoming years priority actions while also tracking trends… (more)
September 06, 2022 5484

Open for Consultation Dashboard

This page provides a summary of items that are currently open for broad consultation and feedback is being sought. Members are encouraged to review any of the items below and provide feedback/comment and/or suggestions ASAP. We encourage members not to wait until deadlines to provide feedback, but rather provide it as early as possible which will give us a chance to conduct further research that may assist us being able to advocate more strongly… (more)
January 20, 2017 47625


How CFA activates thousands of TRAINED, EXPERIENCED VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS to deal with multiple major incidents, anywhere at any time. How MELBOURNE’S SUBURBS PLAY A MAJOR ROLE. How VICTORIA NEEDS CFA’S SURGE CAPACITY hundreds of times a year. Our colourful animated video explains how CFA’s volunteer surge capacity works. Our computer-generated video shows a satellite view of hundreds of brigades as they respond. Our animated video gives you a… (more)

Recent Articles

Feb 22, 2024 303

2024 Bushfire and Storm Recovery Resources

Following a natural disaster it can be difficult to know what services are available from the various sources to assist with recovery. This Fact Sheet has been prepared by VFBV to assist members and… (more)
Feb 08, 2024 785

February 2024 Newsletter

Prevention is better than a cure By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer Many of you would have heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And while this is often… (more)
Feb 07, 2024 758

Feedback Requested - Standard Operating Procedures (FMR)

Formal consultation has commenced on a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that has been developed to cover Fire Medical Response. (FMR) The proposed draft SOP is available for download from the… (more)
Jan 29, 2024 1119

Australia Day Honours List 2024

VFBV extends congratulations to four CFA members who were awarded the prestigious Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) on Australia for their service to CFA and the wider Victorian Community. Paula… (more)
Jan 15, 2024 1500

January 2024 Newsletter

What’s in store for 2024? By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer My inspiration for this year is a quote from English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. “I have noticed that even people… (more)
Dec 23, 2023 1603

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On behalf of VFBV, we wish all members, friends and supporters a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year. CFA volunteers work tirelessly to support and protect their communities prevent and… (more)
Dec 15, 2023 1779

NSW in the line of duty deaths

VFBV is saddened to hear of the loss of two New South Wales firefighters in the line of duty on Tuesday 12 December. RFS Group Captain Dale Bowles suffered a medical episode while responding to a car… (more)
Dec 04, 2023 2045

December 2023 Newsletter

To Queensland and back again By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer As another year comes to a close, we again see the value and importance of Victoria’s volunteer surge capacity in action.… (more)
Dec 04, 2023 2081

International Volunteer Day 2023

“If everyone did” is the theme for International Volunteer Day in 2023. International Volunteer Day is celebrated each year on 5 December as a day to acknowledge volunteers and the spirit of… (more)
Dec 01, 2023 2190

Marking 25 Years since Linton

December 2, 2023 marks 25 years since the loss of five Geelong West volunteer firefighters that died during the Linton blaze. The fire had started on private property and spread through more than 600… (more)
Dec 01, 2023 2625

Feedback Requested - Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Formal consultation has commenced on a new CFA Policy to cover 'Unreasonable Complaints'. The proposed draft policy is available for download from the bottom of this page. For the purposes of… (more)
Dec 01, 2023 3915

Feedback Requested - Standard Operating Procedures (Driving)

Formal consultation has commenced on six updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) covering driving doctrine. The proposed draft SOP's are available for download from the bottom of this page and… (more)
Nov 30, 2023 2292

VESEP Grants Announced

The Minister for Emergency Services the Hon Jaclyn Symes recently announced the successful projects for the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP) 2023/24. VFBV would like to… (more)
Nov 28, 2023 3809

2024 State Championships - Entries Now Open

Entries have opened for the 2024 State Championships, as with previous years entries and judge and official nominations for all State Championships will be collected online. The 2024 State… (more)
Nov 17, 2023 2605

NSW in the line of duty death

VFBV is saddened to advise that a NSW volunteer firefighter lost their life in the line of duty fighting a fire near Walgett in Northern NSW. The RFS volunteer was working on the Hudson fire in the… (more)
Nov 03, 2023 2747

November 2023 Newsletter

Policy should help not hinder By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer It is clear from the fire seasons being experienced in Queensland and NSW so far this spring that this year’s fire season… (more)
Oct 12, 2023 2893

Our Community, Our CFA

We are tens of thousands of Victorians, committed to protecting lives and property. We are skilled, determined and here to serve Victorians now and into the future. We are from the community and for… (more)
Oct 12, 2023 3040

Emergency Services Foundation Scholarships

Applications are now open for the Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) Scholarships. The ESF scholarship program provides an opportunity for volunteers and paid staff from Victoria’s emergency… (more)
Oct 06, 2023 3251

October 2023 Newsletter

You don’t need to be Einstein By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer Honestly, there are days that an eye roll emoji just doesn’t cut it. I refer to a gathering in Canberra of “key… (more)
Oct 06, 2023 4515

Feedback Requested - Standard Operating Procedures

Formal consultation has commenced on six updated Standard Operating Procedures. (SOP's) The proposed draft SOP's are available for download from the bottom of this page and contain: SOP 6.02 Crew… (more)
Oct 05, 2023 3106

Presumptive Legislation Update

For several years now VFBV has been active in calling for support for the expansion of Victoria’s Presumptive Legislation scheme. We have campaigned strongly for female reproductive cancers to be… (more)
Oct 02, 2023 3252

2024 VFBV/CFA Joint Committee District Nominees Expression of Interest

VFBV are seeking expressions of interest from members to be Joint Committee District Nominees for the 2023 VFBV/CFA Joint Committees. Interested volunteers are encouraged to submit your expression of… (more)
Sep 05, 2023 3342

September 2023 Newsletter

Integrity and Honour By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer It was theoretical physicist Albert Einstein who said: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with… (more)
Aug 04, 2023 3736

August 2023 Newsletter

Strong, safe and sustainable By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer Speaking at an ‘Every Woman Every Child’ event, it was Melinda Gates who said “The world is full of what seem like… (more)
Jul 17, 2023 3815

July 2023 Newsletter

Feedback Loop By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer The last several months have seen some significant items out for broad consultation, with the two most recent items eliciting a very high… (more)
Jun 15, 2023 4178

June 2023 Newsletter

The change makers By Adam Barnett, VFBV Chief Executive Officer In this month’s edition of Fire Wise, members will find a copy of the 16-page VFBV Quarterly Supplement. As well as the usual updates… (more)
Jun 13, 2023 4555

King's Birthday Honours List 2023

Among almost 1,200 Australian’s recognised in the first King’s Birthday Honours list this year were two CFA members for their contributions to the Victorian community who have been honoured with the… (more)
Jun 08, 2023 5530

Feedback Requested - Brigade Finance Policy Suite

Formal consultation has commenced on a proposed Brigade/Group Finance Policy Suite, which is intended to replace current brigade and group finance policies. The proposed draft policy suite is… (more)
Jun 08, 2023 5321

Feedback Requested - Amendments to CFA policy for Working with Children Clearances

Formal consultation has commenced on amendments proposed by CFA to their policy for Working with Children Clearances. (WWCC) The proposed draft policy is available for download from the bottom of… (more)
May 15, 2023 4169

National Volunteer Week 2023

This week (15 – 21 May) is National Volunteer week, and sets out to celebrate the power of how volunteers drive change and ensure that volunteering is inclusive. The 2023 theme for National Volunteer… (more)

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VFBV is the representative body (Association) for CFA Volunteers and is established under Victorian law, the Country Fire Authority Act, to represent CFA volunteers on all matters that affect their welfare and efficiency.

Our vision statement is:  Strong Volunteerism, Embraced to Build Community Resilience for a Safer Victoria.

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VFBV Welfare Fund

  • 11 March 2013 in Welfare Fund Read 34318 times VFBV Welfare Fund - supporting volunteers in need for more than a century
    VFBV Welfare Fund - supporting volunteers in need for more than a century The Fund began its long history of helping volunteers in need in 1913, when it was first established by urban volunteers as the VUFBA Welfare Fund. On 1 November 2008, the newly formed Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria, with generous support from the Victorian Government, launched the VFBV Welfare Fund and…
CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.