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Joint Committee -2 Minute Briefing

Issue 7, November 2013

Quick snapshot of the priority issues and actions worked through at the most recent Joint Committee meeting between CFA and VFBV. (Meeting held 10/11/2013)


CFA has advised that discussions have progressed with VicRoads, our Gippsland Regional Training staff and external heavy vehicle licence testing providers as a result of VicRoads changes to heavy licence requirements as of July 2013.

Training requirements, associated costs, current providers and possible training options with external providers for CFA licence requirements have all been considered and CFA is preparing a position paper for consideration by the Chief Officer.

One likely option would be for CFA members to undertake the Drive Vehicle under Operational Conditions course PUAVEH001B then once complete and appropriately practiced under the direction of driver mentors and educators, undertake their licence test with a VicRoads approved external licence provider.  VFBV delegates expressed some concerns that CFA may struggle to meet demand for the internal on-road course if current resources are not significantly increased in the future.

The Driver Education and Endorsement Strategy Information Paper circulated to all Brigades for feedback in October outlines a strategy for CFA to plan for and introduce driver education and skills maintenance for all drivers.  VFBV will consider member feedback at the December 2013 State Council meeting at Fiskville on Sunday, 8 December.


Progress has happened on the long awaited electrical awareness package to assist members in heightened awareness of electrical hazards including alternate power supplies – Solar, local generators etc.

It is expected that the Chief Officer will endorse the package shortly following a last round of consultation with a special purpose working party established to guide the package’s design.


VFBV representatives sought advice from CFA regarding strong concerns that the current Chief Officer’s list of endorsed IMT personnel includes only 218 volunteers authorised to undertake a primary role in IMTs across the State.  CFA have indicated that they will follow up the matter and advise VFBV of the status of volunteers that have ‘slipped off the list’.

VFBV delegates also queried the surprising lack of notice or advice of available vacancies on some of the IMTTP Pilot courses, only to find that the courses were cancelled due to lack of interest.  CFA will investigate the manner and extent of the Regional IMT Capability Coordinators’ efforts in communicating to Brigades and members the opportunities that have existed.  The cancellation of pilot courses in 2013 which were scheduled over timeframes that were more volunteer friendly (weekends and evenings) only to find that there was no interest from volunteers is hard to believe and brings into question the methods and energy applied by CFA in filling such courses.


Opportune work is progressing across a number of high value training development projects as a result of the Volunteer Support Program.  Resources are allocated to five (5) key projects and stakeholder groups activated (including VFBV reps) to guide the development through the advice from subject matter experts.

 The projects that warrant scrutiny as they progress into early 2014 finalisation are:

  1. Recruit / Bushfire Skills Development – The replacement for the old Bushfire Minimum Skills (1999)
  2. Skills Pathway Map and associated training programs aligned to volunteer career development
  3. BOSP review and re-focus to guide member development and address risk profile gaps in Brigades
  4. RPL re-scoped and designed – A new way forward in Skills and Role Recognition that is practical and fair.
  5. State Training Guide – An exciting project to develop a consolidated reference and guide.
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