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Friday, 15 August 2014 00:00

Joint Volunteerism Committee - 2 Minute Briefing May 2014

VFBV/CFA Joint Volunteerism Committee

2 Minute Briefing

Issue 9: May 2014


The committee reviewed a new booklet produced by OT&V, ‘How to Wear Honours and Awards’, which will be distributed to all CFA members within the next edition of the Brigade Magazine. The booklet is designed to assist members who have received more than one award and how to wear them according to the established order of precedence. The need for such a booklet has been highlighted at the recent NEM presentations, and has been based on the most frequently asked questions members have had.

VFBV provided initial feedback and suggestions which have now been incorporated into the final guide. Delegates commended CFA on a timely and well executed initiative.

NEM presentations continue across the state with ceremonies confirmed for Northern and Western Metropolitan Region, Loddon Mallee Region and Gippsland to occur in May, June and July 2014. There is continuing discussions between OT&V and Regions/Districts to organise a second round of presentations.


CFA have advised that junior member ID cards will be available online and approved as per the current CFA Member ID. The ID cards will contain the junior’s name, photo, Brigade and their 16th Birthday/Expiry Date. Delegates have requested that the new cards be ready prior to September for the commencement of local and regional championships in October.

It is expected that the new JVDP website will be launched in August, and will include a JVDP Program Guidebook, Junior Member Registration Forms and a new JVDP section on Brigades Online. CFA have agreed that individual copies of the documents will also be sent to all Junior Leaders and Brigade Secretaries.


CFA has begun work on its Volunteer Strategy, and will be pursuing a joint approach with SES in order to align it to the Emergency Service reforms underway. VFBV has provided initial input into the scope of the strategy, and the committee participated in a structured workshop to validate and build upon the themes.

The Volunteer Strategy is expected to be presented to the VFBV and CFA boards in July 2014, with an implementation and working model expected to be finalised by the end of 2014.


The committee reviewed the results from the Volunteer Exit Survey Pilot which was conducted between 1 January and 30 June 2013. The survey is key to finding out why Volunteers are leaving the CFA, so that strategies can be implemented to retain and recruit more volunteers. Delegates have requested that some questions be improved for the future surveys, to ensure more relevant feedback. The exit survey will become a part of business as usual from July 2014. Every three months the CFA will send out the exit survey to all members that have left the CFA and every 12 months the CFA will produce a report from the results of these surveys to identify trends and common issues.

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