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Joint Committee -2 Minute Briefing 

Issue 7, November 2013

Quick snapshot of the priority issues and actions worked through at the most recent Joint Committee meeting between CFA and VFBV. (Meeting held 10/11/2013)


The Committee met with Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley on the 18th September to progress discussions around Operational doctrine at the State Level. From that meeting, an action plan is being developed to progress actions around the following key themes that were discussed;

• Incident Management   • Pre formed IMT’s   • Resource Management   • Rostering Systems  
• De briefing process & systems   • Volunteer Utilisation at every level of Incident management  
• Volunteer awareness training for Agency Personnel operating in Multi Agency Environments

A letter of thanks was received from Craig on the 8th November, thanking the delegates for their valued input. The committee looks forwards to progressing this important work with Craig in his new role as Victoria’s inaugural Emergency Management Commissioner Designate throughout 2014.


The Committee wrote to the Chief Officer in June of this year expressing its concern with the perceived lack of progress in his review into the role of group, and requesting a Communications and Action plan be developed so that brigades & members could clearly understand where this review is at, and what the next steps are.  Deputy Chief Officer Alan Ellis who attended the November meeting of the Committee has agreed to meet with the Working Party (which last met in November 2012) sometime in December, so as to progress feedback received from Districts during the review period. At this stage, the committee is not aware of any final decisions being made as to the role of group review, and is advocating the need for all feedback received from Districts, Groups & Brigades during the review period to be fully studied by the Working Party, and for acknowledgment of that feedback to be provided to any brigade, group or member who has submitted feedback, with a response as to how their feedback has been considered. Members frequently commit a great deal of time, energy and effort to providing written and detailed submissions, and the Committee is strongly supportive of the need to ensure CFA acknowledges this feedback, and provides a response back that explains how their feedback/submission has been dealt with.    


Since 2008, the Committee has been strongly advocating for the need for CFA to review its policies around the provision and priority of low voltage fuse removal training and tools for structural brigades in order to ensure safety of crews during the initial stages of first attack.  The Chief Officer has now approved the formation of a CFA Electrical Safety Advisory Group that will be made up of subject matter experts, operational and volunteer representation to provide advice to CFA on a arrange of matters involving electricity. Operations Manager of Structural Planning - Ross Sullivan will be facilitating this group, with final terms of Reference hoping to be finalised this year.


Unfortunately planned updates that the Committee had requested on Utilization of Volunteers in IMT’s, Multi Agency Liaisons to State All Hazard Committee’s, CFA Regulations Review, CFA Discipline Process Review,  2012/13 Pre-Season Briefing Schedules,  and 2013/14 Season Debrief planning was unable to be significantly progressed by the CFA representatives to the Committee. VFBV delegates continue to encourage CFA to proactively engage and support the Committee in progressing these important items and will continue to seek stronger focus & attention and working collaboratively with the committee to achieve meaningful and practical improvements in these key areas of interest to Volunteers.

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