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2020/21 Championships

With the current COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, it is still not clear whether we will be conducting local competitions or State Championships next year. VFBV however is planning for the best-case scenario and that restrictions will ease in time for these events to go ahead.

Obviously this will be dependent on Government restrictions and the directions of the Chief Health Officer at the time.

It is highly likely that if local competitions and Championships are permitted, they will have to be conducted under specific Government health guidelines. VFBV delegates and CFA are working closely with the Championship Host Committees in pre planning to manage the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and requirements to conduct the events in order to comply with any potential health guidelines – and information on this will be forwarded to entered brigades once the guidelines become clearer.

VFBV has recently emailed Urban Competition Associations and District Rural Competition Committees to inquire if subject to Government advice and restrictions if they intend to conduct a competition; and VFBV has emailed all Rural and Urban competition brigades to inquire if subject to Government advice and restrictions they intend to compete.

Responses are due by 30th October 2020. This information is required to support development of the COVID Plan that will need to be submitted to the health department.


Available for download at the bottom of this page if required are:

For Brigades:

- Rural Competing Brigades - Intention to compete form 

- Urban Competing Brigades - Intention to compete form 

Please note these forms are not entry forms, only an indication that your brigade potentially could be competing, and the potential number of your Brigade’s members attending. Entry forms will be forwarded at a later date.


For Competition Committees and Associations 

- Rural District Competition Committees - Intention to hold competition form

- Urban Competition Associations - Intention to hold competition form 

- Urban Competition Committees - Competition Application Form 2020/21


All completed forms can be sent via email to Jenni Laing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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