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The 2020 Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP) has been extended until the 16 November 2020 to help Brigades and Groups have more time to organise their applications due to the COVID 19 restrictions.

VESEP provides grants of $2 for $1 of Brigade/Group funding to assist Brigades and Groups in acquiring a wide range of ancillary equipment in recognition of your significant contribution in supporting Victorian communities in times of emergency.

The program started back in 2000 as CSESP (Community Safety Emergency Support Program) in close consultation with VFBV as a way of recognising the incredible commitment volunteers have to their communities. VFBV recognised the benefits to volunteers in having an annual grants program with an application process that was easy to follow with minimal paperwork and strengthened local input.

The program offers four categories: - 

- Volunteer Amenities under $5,000 

- Minor Works under $100,000

- Operational Equipment and Specialist Appliances 

- Tankers*

* as with previous years CFA has advised that additions to the fleet will again be afforded a low priority with only exceptional circumstances being considered by the Chief Officers. An operational justification form will be required to be completed and approved by the ACFO and DCO included in CFA paperwork.

VFBV has refreshed the Application Help Pack due to member feedback, the pack is divided into easily downloadable sections for your convenience. Each section is available for download at the bottom of this page. 

VFBV VESEP Help Pack General information about VESEP
Addendum 1

Application form for Special Access Grants 

The Special Access Grant can reduce or in some cases eliminate all together the Brigade/Group co-payment

Addendum 2

CFA VESEP Guidelines

The Guidelines outline criteria, aims and requirements that Brigades/Groups need to consider for their application to be completed. 

Addendum 3

CFA Application Forms

Provides Brigades/Groups with application forms for application criteria and endorsement 


CFA Information Sheets

Collates all information sheets produced by CFA to assist with Brigade/Group applications.

Key Dates 

Applications close: 16 November 2020. All applications are to be submitted to your District AFCO using the CFA forms.

DPC meetings: TBC late November 2020

Anticipated Ministers announcement of successful projects: Mid February/March 2021.


If you require assistance with your Application please contact your VFBV State Councillor, VFBV Support Officer or VFBV Office. The pack is available for download below, or if Brigades would like a printed copy posted to them, then please call the VFBV Office on 9886 1141

We wish all Brigades and Groups well with your applications and thank you for your untiring service to Victoria!


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