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Thursday, 06 March 2014 00:00

2014 VFBV Urban Championships

Kangaroo Flat has won the title of Champion Brigade, at the 2014 Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) Urban Championships, at Bendigo.

Jamie Hart and Tom Dargaville, of Kangaroo Flat, were named Champion Competitors.

The Championship weekend included a torchlight procession through central Bendigo and featured hundreds of competitors in 67 teams including several from WA.

The event was hosted by the Bendigo & District Fire Brigades Championship Committee, CFA and Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria.

The three days of competition included events based on practical firefighting activities, building fitness, team skills and capabilities with hoses, hydrants and other equipment that make them a useful addition to each Brigade’s regular weekly training regime.

The championships also offer one of same benefits as staging a major fire brigade exercise; giving Brigades and volunteers the chance to build the networks that pay off when they work together on large scale bushfires and other major emergencies.

The firefighters’ championships are one aspect of VFBV’s role as a statewide network of CFA’s 60,000 volunteers.  The events continue a Victorian volunteer fire brigade tradition of more than 140 years.


Dry Aggregate

1st        Kangaroo Flat             24 Points

2nd        Drouin/Bunyip            21 Points

3rd        Maryvale                     8 Points


Wet Aggregate

1st        Kangaroo Flat             58 Points

2nd        Benalla                        52 Points

3rd        Traralgon                     42 Points        




1st        Kangaroo Flat             82 Points

2nd        Drouin/Bunyip            42 Points

3rd        Narre Warren              37 Points



1st        Kooweerup                 50 Points

2nd        Traralgon                     47 Points

3rd        Cobden                       40 Points



1st        Benalla                        63 Points

2nd        Patterson River           41 Points

3rd        St Arnaud                   39 Points



Coach David Dargaville, and competitors:   Tom Dargaville, Jackson Dargaville, Glen Scholtes, Jamie Hart, Jacob Cahill, James Murphy, Shane Every, Craig Peters, Andrew Smith, Kate Dargaville, Tyler Harris, Nathan Styles, Adam Melis, Cheri O’Neill & Brett Styles.


Results for the 2014 Champion Competitor:

Equal 1st        Jamie Hart and Tom Dargaville, Kangaroo Flat        19 points

3rd        Steven Myers, Drouin/Bunyip                                      17 points

=4th      Jackson Dargaville & Matt Royal (Maryvale)                    14 points


The Victoria / Western Australia Challenge took place after the final event, the Champion Fours, and was won by the Victorian team.  The competitors of the two teams for the Victoria / Western Australia Challenge were:

Western Australia:

Coach Horrie Hubble – South Hedland, and competitors

Andrew Seuren, Cory Goodhill & Catcher Dan Lawson – Mandurah Reece Parton, Tim Egerton-Green & Troy Rake – Harvey, Sam Trott – Brunswick Junction, Marlon Baars & Tim Bruce – South Hedland.


Coach David Dargaville, and competitors - Jackson Dargaville,Tom Dargaville, Jamie Hart

& Jacob Cahill – Kangaroo Flat, Peter Every – Wendouree, Kyle Hargreavs – Maffra, Steven Myers – Drouin/Bunyip, Arthur Churchill – Narre Warren, Matty van Tilburg – Moe






Section A:     1st        Mornington                                     90.00%

                        2nd        Melton A                                         89.55%

                        3rd        Mildura                                            89.09%

                         4th        Harvey W.A.                                   87.27%

                         5th        Eaglehawk A                                 85.91%


Section B:     1st        Kyneton                                          87.27%

                        2nd        Belgrave                                        86.36%

                        3rd        South Hedland W.A.                     83.64%

                        4th        Kooweerup                                    82.73%

                        5th        Horsham                                        81.36%


Section C:     1st        Knox Group                           92.73%

                        2nd        Patterson River                    92.27%

                        3rd        Hoppers Crossing              88.64%

                        4th        Benalla                                  86.36%

                        5th        Whittlesea                            85.45%


Event No. 2 –  Ladder Race - One Competitor 

1st       Jackson Dargaville, Kangaroo Flat                 6.12 seconds  

2nd        Troy Ranke, Harvey W.A.                                   6.68 seconds

3rd        Andrew Norman, Hampton Park/Hallam       6.69 seconds

4th        Jake Rennie, Tatura                                           6.70 seconds

5th        Cory Goodhill, Mandurah W.A.                          6.83 seconds


Event  3 - Hydrant Race - One Competitor 

1st       Steven Myers, Drouin/Bunyip                        11.43 seconds

2nd        Michael Coleman, Maffra                             11.82 seconds

3rd        Josh Pike, Mildura                                         11.86 seconds

4th        Damon Sutton, Wendouree                         12.11 seconds

5th        Jake Rennie, Tatura                                      12.48 seconds


Event 4 – B Section Pumper & Ladder – Five Competitors

1st       Pyramid Hill                                                    15.69 seconds

2nd        Geelong West                                               15.99 seconds

3rd        Traralgon                                                        16.09 seconds

4th        Hampton Park/Hallam                                 16.16 seconds

5th        Horsham                                                         16.43 seconds


Event No. 5 - C Section Marshall - One Competitor 

1st       Leigh Barclay, Belmont                                 24.97 seconds

2nd        Cameron Whelan, Warracknabeal            27.45 seconds

3rd        Adam Bishop, Warrnambool                       27.62 seconds

4th        Devon Winsall, Belmont                               27.73 seconds

5th        Shaune Winsall, Warracknabeal                 27.89 seconds


Event No.  6 - A Section Hose and Ladder Eights

1st       Kangaroo Flat                                                   20.72 seconds

2nd        Wendouree                                                       21.47 seconds

3rd        Maryvale                                                             21.74 seconds

4th        Narre Warren                                                    21.77 seconds

5th        Eaglehawk A                                                     21.82 seconds


Event  No. 7 - B Section Marshall - One Competitor 

1st       Simon Hanigan, Belgrave                                25.67 seconds

2nd        Andrew Marshall, Cobden                              26.31 seconds

3rd        Brad Atkinson, Belgrave                                  26.88 seconds

4th        Cody Brown, Traralgon                                    27.78 seconds

5th        Wayne Sampson, South Hedland W.A.        28.06 seconds 


Event No. 8 - C Section Hose and Reel Fours

1st       Benalla                                                              17.84 seconds

2nd        Whittlesea                                                       18.47 seconds

3rd        Stanhope                                                          19.38 seconds

4th        St Arnaud                                                         19.55 seconds

5th        Warracknabeal                                                20.11 seconds 


Event No. 9 - A Section Marshall - One Competitor 

1st        Steven Myers, Drouin/Bunyip                          23.81 seconds

2nd        Matthew Royal, Maryvale                                 23.99 seconds

3rd        Mitch Golding, Drouin/Bunyip                         24.41 seconds

4th        Thomas Germon, Wendouree                      25.31 seconds

5th        Damon Sutton, Wendouree                           25.44 seconds


Event  No. 10 - B Section Hose and Reel Sixes 

1st       Kooweerup                                                      30.03 seconds

2nd        Werribee                                                         30.51 seconds

3rd        South Hedland, W.A.                                     32.11 seconds

4th        Maldon                                                             33.18 seconds

5th        Cobden                                                            34.27 seconds


Torchlight Procession

1st        Maffra                                                    96%

=2nd     Hoppers Crossing & Mildura           93%

4th        Melton                                                   91%

=5th      Kangaroo Flat & Swan Hill               90%




Event 11– C Section Pumper & Ladder – Five Competitors

1st       Eaglehawk B                                 17.80 seconds

2nd        Mooroopna                                   18.43 seconds

3rd        Benalla                                          18.46 seconds

4th        Warracknabeal                            18.79 seconds

5th        Seymour                                       20.17 seconds


Event 12 - A Section Marshall - Two Competitors 

1st       James Murphy & Shane Every, Kangaroo Flat           14.29 seconds

2nd        Jared Squires & Josh Powell, Melton                         14.72 seconds

3rd        Chris Johnson & David Fromberg, Maryvale             15.11 seconds

4th        Tim Edgerton-Green & Luke Jones, Harvey W.A.     15.37 seconds

5th        Adrian Jones & Dale Hutchinson, Narre Warren      15.49 seconds


Event 13 - B Section Hose and Ladder Eights 

1st       Werribee                                                                              23.29 seconds

2nd        Traralgon                                                                            23.63 seconds

3rd        Cobden                                                                               23.82 seconds

4th        Kyneton                                                                              24.43 seconds

5th        Sorrento                                                                            24.61 seconds


Event 14 - C Section Marshall - Two Competitors 

1st       Mark & Tim Mullins, Patterson River                             15.36 seconds

2nd        Brenton & Leonard Lawrence, Hoppers Crossing    16.65 seconds

3rd        Adam & Sam Bishop, Warrnambool                             17.67 seconds

4th        Matthew & Cameron Crellin, Mansfield                         18.23 seconds

5th        Nick Bailey & Les Palpratt, Benalla                               18.49 seconds


Event 15 - A Section Hose and Reel Eights

1st       Kangaroo Flat                                                                    26.95 seconds

2nd        Narre Warren                                                                   27.69 seconds

3rd        Drouin/Bunyip                                                                  28.03 seconds

4th        Bendigo                                                                            28.16 seconds

5th        Wendouree                                                                      28.39 seconds


Event 16 - B Section Marshall - Two Competitors 

1st       Andrew Marshall & Ben Nelson, Cobden                   15.84 seconds

2nd        Tim & Joshua Harvey, Kooweerup                              16.34 seconds

3rd        Brendan Webbers & John Roberts, Kooweerup       16.95 seconds

4th        Russell Dow & James Templeton, Belgrave               17.38 seconds

5th        Liam Bunn & Brett Magrath, Kyneton                             17.47 seconds 


Event 17 - C Section Hose and Reel Sixes 

1st       St Arnaud                                                                             30.47 seconds

2nd        Whittlesea                                                                          32.06 seconds

3rd        Warracknabeal                                                                   32.17 seconds

4th        Sale                                                                                      33.88 seconds

5th        Mooroopna                                                                          34.44 seconds


Event 18 - A Section Hose, Hydrant and Pumper  

1st       Narre Warren                                                                     11.68 seconds

2nd        Melton A                                                                              11.71 seconds

3rd        Dandenong                                                                        12.07 seconds

4th        Drouin/Bunyip                                                                    12.75 seconds

5th        Creswick                                                                             12.94 seconds


Event 19 - B Section Y Coupling and Ladder Eights 

1st       Traralgon                                                                             33.88 seconds

2nd        Sorrento                                                                             34.58 seconds

3rd        Kooweerup                                                                        35.92 seconds

4th        Werribee                                                                            37.15 seconds

5th        South Hedland, W.A.                                                       37.57 seconds 


Event 20 - C Section Hose, Hydrant and Pumper

1st       Benalla                                    14.65 seconds

2nd        Sale                                         15.49 seconds

3rd        Warracknabeal            15.71 seconds

4th        Warrnambool                          15.80 seconds

5th        Stanhope                                 16.20 seconds


Event 21 - A Section Y Coupling and Ladder Eights 

1st       Eaglehawk A                          30.37 seconds

2nd        Kangaroo Flat                         30.40 seconds

3rd        Maryvale                                 33.03 seconds

4th        Creswick                                 33.16 seconds

5th        Euroa                                       33.18 seconds


Event 22 - B Section Hose, Hydrant and Pumper  

1st       Kooweerup                             14.01 seconds

2nd        Traralgon                                 14.69 seconds

3rd        Geelong West                         15.26 seconds

4th        Cobden                                   16.16 seconds

5th        Horsham                                  16.25 seconds


Event 23 – C Section Y Coupling and Ladder Eights 

1st       Patterson River                       35.40 seconds

2nd        Benalla                                    37.81 seconds

3rd        Eaglehawk B                           39.24 seconds

4th        Whittlesea                               39.62 seconds

5th        Warrnambool                          41.87 seconds


Event 24 - A Section Hose and Reel Sixes 

1st       Maffra                                         28.47 seconds

2nd        Moe                                           28.62 seconds

3rd        Narre Warren                          28.72 seconds

4th        Bendigo                                   28.81 seconds

5th        Dandenong                             31.98 seconds 



Event 25 – A Section Pumper & Ladder – Five Competitors

1st       Echuca                                    13.65 seconds

2nd        Maryvale                                 13.95 seconds

3rd        Drouin/Bunyip                       14.18 seconds

4th        Swan Hill                               14.42 seconds

5th        Dandenong                           15.08 seconds


Event 26 - B Section Y Coupling - Four Competitors

1st       South Hedland W.A.                 8.50 seconds  

2nd        Werribee                                   8.59 seconds

3rd        Traralgon                                   8.86 seconds

4th        Kooweerup                               8.93 seconds

5th        Cobden                                    8.96 seconds


Event 27 - C Section Hose and Ladder Fives 

1st       St Arnaud                                   22.16 seconds

2nd        Patterson River                       23.57 seconds

3rd        Sale                                           23.93 seconds


Event 28 - A Section Y Coupling - Four Competitors 

1st       Kangaroo Flat                         7.82 seconds  

2nd        Swan Hill                                8.16 seconds

3rd        Drouin/Bunyip                        8.17 seconds

4th        Mildura                                    8.20 seconds

5th        Wendouree                            8.35 seconds


Event 29 - B Section Hose and Reel Eights

1st       Belgrave                                  29.52 seconds

2nd        Maldon                                    31.93 seconds

3rd        South Hedland W.A.              32.26 seconds

4th        Cobden                                   32.31 seconds

5th        Geelong West                         32.39 seconds


Event 30 - C Section Y Coupling - Four Competitors 

1st       Benalla                                    7.86 seconds  

2nd        Belmont                                 8.26 seconds

3rd        St Arnaud                               8.74 seconds

4th        Patterson River                      8.82 seconds

5th        Sale                                         9.10 seconds


Event 31 - Champion Fours 

1st       Kangaroo Flat                         17.19 seconds

2nd        Cobden                                   17.35 seconds

3rd        Maryvale                                 17.47 seconds

4th        Drouin/Bunyip                        17.63 seconds

5th        Golden Square                       18.21 seconds

4th        Benalla                                     24.04 seconds

5th        Knox Group                              24.19 seconds



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