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Friday, 17 June 2016 00:00

Urgent - Seeking Candidates for CFA Board Positions


The State Government has dismissed the CFA Board and named five new Board Members. After the announcement, the Government called upon VFBV to provide candidates for the remaining four CFA Board positions, as required under the CFA Act.

We have just received a letter from the Minister for Emergency Services James Merlino, asking that VFBV provide a panel of candidates from which he will chose those four Board Members.

The Act places a time limit on this process, stating that “If the Board of Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria fails to submit a nomination for the purposes of subsection (4) within 30 days after receiving a request from the Minister to submit a nomination, the Governor in Council may after having regard to subsection (2) appoint a person or persons to be a member or members of the Authority for the purposes of subsection (4).”

Accordingly, it is vital that we identify, interview and select suitable candidates as soon as possible.  

The CFA Act requires that the four VFBV nominated members include two volunteer members of brigades predominantly serving urban communities and two volunteer members of brigades predominantly serving rural communities as per the CFA Act.

The CFA Act defines the appointment process for CFA Board Members to ensure the CFA Board has the skills and expertise required to operate as a high performing Board; to recognise and reinforce the importance of the Board possessing strong knowledge, expertise and understanding of CFA volunteerism; and prescribes the criteria for appointment to the Board as having knowledge of, or experience in, commercial, technical, operational, legal or financial matters; or expertise in fire or emergency management, land management or any other field relevant to the performance of the functions of the CFA.

CFA volunteers who believe they have the skills, experience and capacity to make a contribution to the Board of the CFA, and ensure that the CFA Board has both strong volunteer expertise, knowledge and an understanding of volunteerism, AND skills in commercial, technical, operational, legal or financial matters, are invited to apply for these vacancies. Past applicants can apply.

The CFA Board meets on a monthly basis and also operates a committee system which could require a commitment of one half day per month. Attendance at official functions is also expected.

Remuneration for a member of the CFA Board currently is $17,314 p.a.

Please disseminate this information through your own networks, and personally provide it to any potential candidates that you know.

The Victorian Government is committed to having Boards that are both highly effective and also reflective of the diverse communities we serve. VFBV shares this commitment. The Premier has expressed an objective for no less than 50% of all future appointments to paid government boards to be women, by November 2018. VFBV is seeking a strong panel of applicants, both men and women who are suitably qualified and experienced for the CFA Board role.

A Role Statement is available for download here (Updated 28 June 2016) or available from the VFBV office. For other relevant information, interested volunteers should contact VFBV at the contact details below.

Applications including a current resume and a summary of your skills, experience and achievements that will enable you to contribute to a CFA Board that requires collectively;

  • expertise in commercial, technical, operational, legal and financial matters
  • expertise in fire services, emergency management, land management and the functions of CFA, and
  • expertise, knowledge and experience in CFA and CFA volunteering,

should be emailed or faxed to VFBV as soon as possible, AND BY NO LATER THAN 1700 HOURS, MONDAY, 4 JULY 2016, to Email: j.laingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fax 03 9886 1618.

Queries can be directed to Jenni Laing, on (03) 9886 1141 in the first instance.

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