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Monday, 26 August 2013 07:51

HR, Welfare and OH&S Joint Committee 2 Minute Briefing

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HR, Welfare and OH&S Joint Committee 2 Minute Briefing 

Issue 6, 11 August 2013

Quick snapshot of the priority issues and actions worked through at the most recent Joint Committee meeting between CFA and VFBV. (Meeting held 11/08/2013)


The committee discussed the Creating our Future Together project. Feedback regarding the recent round of presentations included:

  • Timeframe is not sufficient for consideration of proposal.  It is difficult to align feedback timelines with Group meeting schedules, some groups only meet once every 2 months.. 
  • There have been concerns raised that Ops people might be put under additional pressure with the structure.
  • Implementation of the helpdesk concept will be critical to its success. A helpdesk might delay or duplicate issues if not implemented well.  There need to be clarity about what the issues that go to the helpdesk.  Need to make sure Districts are not left out of the loop with queries going to a help desk. 
    • Proposed model will need to incorporate support required during fire season.
    • Need to move decision making authority to the districts consistent with mission command principles.



Draft Leadership Framework was tabled for feedback. To date feedback has been positive with discussions including the role of situational leadership and the need to be adaptable as leaders. Committee members saw the value in integrating the framework into processes including succession and development. Discussion included the concept of Leaders at All Levels and the group identified key areas to integrate the framework into including Forums, skills maintenance and mentoring and coaching programs. There was acknowledgement that “Leadership” has been raised in many areas ie Jones Report/Royal Commission etc.  Feedback included:

  • Strong agreement that it needs to reflect CFA member’s views and not be just a theoretical model. 
  • Need to embed this in how we work - a person appointed to the role may not be the role they always perform, eg: a Brigade Captain or Group Officer could be a crew member on a strike team during a major incident.  Leadership roles vary and are contextual. Good leaders need to be able to be led by others in certain situations
  • Delegations need to align to situational leadership.
  • People need to be able to step in & out of leadership.
  • Developing leaders for the future as a focus.  



CFA have advised that additional ongoing OHS&E positions have been approved for the deployment of dedicated OHS&E specialists across the CFA network. These much anticipated roles have been supported in some of the most difficult financial management times, yet these appointments are testament to the importance that Occupational Health, Safety and Environment must play in any organisation, including CFA.

VFBV was notifed of CFA’s decision recently and welcome the investment in dedicated resources to work with all members, much of the role requiring field presence and interaction. VFBV’s District Council networks will have specific interest in developing stong working relationships with these OHS&E personnel and look to integrate their own District and Council safety and environment work into the strong state network this initiative will offer.

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