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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 09:58

2 Minute Briefing - Joint Communications & Technology Committee

Issue 5, 19 May 2013

Quick snapshot of the priority issues and actions worked through at the most recent Joint Committee meeting between CFA and VFBV.


The VFBV Board advises all members that the pager validation trial has confirmed that the Alpha Legend pager has met the test described by the five programming upgrades sought by volunteers. Despite some reservations there is insufficient reason for volunteers to refuse to participate in the pager changeover program. Accordingly, the VFBV Board recommends that volunteers accept the new pager and return the old pager, as part of the roll-out program.

ESTA’s presented details of the EAS network upgrade and key features of the new EAS Alpha Legend Pager.

  • Small message font size was raised as a potential issue by CFA and other agencies. ESTA’s investigations found that there is little flexibility in changing the font size due to the small size of the pager screen.
  • ESTA has received feedback from VFBV on information/order of information to be provided in messages. Waiting feedback from CFA.
  • SOP for the message template has been sent to VFBV for feedback and input from CFA.

ESTA demonstrated a new prototype cradle designed to house the pager. The cradle picks up sensors from the pager upon activation and creates a loud audio alert signal and flashing light for up to three minutes. The cradle is portable and can be used in vehicles via a cigarette lighter plug in. Literature has been sent to agencies and is also being distributed at pager rollout.

Time has been set to present the cradle to F&EM. Potential use and purchase of the cradle will be subject to CFA policy yet to be raised. 


Business Change Manager will be recruited. Anticipated to be an F&EM type role similar to Operations Manager role on the RRP project.

Working with Telstra to finalise the District rollout schedule. Final schedule will be available at the end of May. It has been agreed that Districts 12, 15 and 2 will be completed first.

  • Timing of outer metro switch to digital network
  • Provision for expansion of the regional digital network has been made in the current RRDS contract.
  • Outer metro digital network will flow on from completion of regional rollout, dependent upon funding.

Vehicle location distress function is a separate project to RDS and will be delivered at some time after districts migrate to the digital network (timing to be advised by Tait).


Working on finalisation of the Digital Migration Strategy document. The final document will be provided to all stakeholders for review. Planning phase will commence upon completion of the strategy, commencing with the RDS regional plan.

  1. 2.    LISTENING SETS 

Work on two solutions:

  • Radio scanner for analogue and P25 digital
  • ‘Streamed’ audio

Allocation priorities (critical listeners) and commercial model are to be identified. Source of funding to be identified. Digital scanner solution must be in place by end October to align with the first RDS rollouts.

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