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Tuesday, 06 September 2022 12:21

Open for Consultation Dashboard

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This page provides a summary of items that are currently open for broad consultation and feedback is being sought.

Members are encouraged to review any of the items below and provide feedback/comment and/or suggestions ASAP.  

We encourage members not to wait until deadlines to provide feedback, but rather provide it as early as possible which will give us a chance to conduct further research that may assist us being able to advocate more strongly for your desired outcome.

All feedback is used to inform and influence formal VFBV positions as well as used to influence CFA positions and thinking during the deliberative process. If we need to use your feedback to demonstrate or illustrate the views of members, your personal details will not be shared with CFA, and feedback will always be de-identified to protect your privacy.

All volunteers are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback.


How to provide feedback:

It would be preferred that members provide feedback ASAP, so that it can be received incrementally, allowing us enough time to consolidate, identify trends and research issues raised by members. 

Feedback can be provided via:

  1. Emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Using the unique online survey

  3. Your local VFBV District Council or your local VFBV Support Officer

  4. By Post: 9/24 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East VIC 3151

  5. By Fax: (03) 9886 1618

Feedback does not need to be long or detailed, but if you do have the time to make substantive comment that is always welcome.

If you generally support a principle or policy, then a quick note letting us know would also be helpful. Similarly, let us know if you do not support it, or which aspects of it you don't support.

Where indicating non-support, it would be helpful to understand the key reasons why, and even a couple of brief bullet points would be adequate. Likewise, if you would prefer to provide a more detailed response, or mark-up and suggest changes to the documents, all that would be welcome also.

Please remember to provide feedback in support as well as against. If we only hear from those who are against, it will be harder to determine the general comfort level of members with the proposals.



Annual Volunteer Survey

The VFBV annual vol survey is an annual snapshot of volunteer opinion and welfare. It has become a critical tool in monitoring short-and long-term trends, and the effectiveness of initiatives aimed at improving CFA volunteer engagement and wellbeing.

The Survey is an initiative by VFBV designed by and for volunteers to help capture and communicate fundamental issues as volunteers see them. It is conducted annually, with the first survey conducted in 2012. The Survey is a critical and important tool that gives CFA and other decision makers clear feedback, directly from volunteers about the issues that are affecting their welfare and efficiency. For many volunteers this survey is one of the key opportunities to have their voice heard, both individually and collectively.

Click here to complete this year's survey.



New Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Fire Medical Response (FMR)

Formal consultation has commenced on a new SOP to cover FMR.

Click here to access the draft and further detail on how to provide feedback.


Revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) Driving

Formal consultation has commenced on six revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) Driving:

SOP 12.01 Driving or Traveling in CFA and ESO Vehicles
SOP 12.04 Collisions involving CFA Vehicles
SOP 12.05 Safely Recover Disabled CFA Vehicles
SOP 12.06 Non CFA Members in CFA Vehicles
SOP 12.07 CFA Members Driving Private Vehicles
SOP 12.08 Driver Endorsement

Click here to access the drafts and further details on how to provide feedback.


Unreasonable Complaints Policy

Formal consultation has commenced on a new policy proposed by CFA to cover 'Unreasonable Complaints'. 

CFA is seeking to ensure that there is a clear framework in place for defining and managing those circumstances in which a complaint might be considered ‘unreasonable’ that can be clearly communicated to members and the public and ensure it is applied consistently across CFA.

Click here for full details of the proposed policy and how to provide feedback.


Revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Formal consultation has commenced on six revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's):

SOP 6.02 Crew Composition (16 and 17 year olds)
SOP 6.05 Helmet Identification
SOP 9.32 Bushfire - Entrapment Procedures for Appliances
SOP 9.15 Mayday and Hostile Acts Radio Signals
SOP 10.03 Asbestos Incident
SOP 14.06 Notification of Injuries and Fatalities

Click here to access the drafts and further details on how to provide feedback. 


Working with Children Clearences Policy

Formal consultation has commenced on amendments proposed by CFA to their policy for Working with Children Clearances. (WWCC)

For the purposes of consultation, while the majority of roles in CFA do not require a WWCC under the Worker Screening Act, CFA is proposing to require all staff and volunteers to have a valid working with children check even if they are not legally required to.

The policy proposes a phased approach, requiring all members of a brigade management team and various other roles to hold a WWCC by June 2024.

The policy then extends this requirement to all group and deputy group officers, as well as all members of a brigade that has members under 18, requiring them to hold a WWCC from June 2025.

The final phase requires every volunteer to hold a WWCC from June 2026 as a condition of membership.

Click here for full details and a link to the online survey.

Due Monday 4th September, 2023


Brigade/Group Finance Policy Suite

Formal consultation has commenced on a proposed Brigade/Group Finance Policy Suite, which is intended to replace current brigade and group finance policies.

The proposed brigade finance policy suite enhances and clarifies processes surrounding the management of brigade finances. The proposed policy suite maintains alignment with the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 (the CFA Act) and Country Fire Authority Regulations 2014 (CFA Regulations), which prescribe the manner in which all brigades and groups must operate

Click here for full details and a link to the online survey.

Due Monday 14th August, 2023


Radio Allocation Policy & Procedures

Formal consultation has commenced on a revised suite of policies and procedures for radio allocation in preparation for the planned rollout of CFA's replacement to the operational radio fleet. 

- The policy establishes guidelines to ensure CFA is allocating radios in the most effective, practical and systematic way

- The policy establishes that CFA will monitor underutilized radios and reallocate them instead of issuing additional radios in the first instance

- The procedure outlines the Radio Operational Justification criteria

- Schedule 1 provides the proposed radio allocation matrix

- Schedule 3 is the proposed Operational Justification Assessment guide

Click here for full details and a link to the online survey.

Due Wednesday 15th March, 2023


Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

Formal consultation has commenced on a draft CFA Policy covering the use of Alcohol and other drugs.

For the purposes of consultation, CFA has advised that this policy:

  • Applies to employees and volunteers equally
  • Aims to ensure the ongoing health and safety of CFA members around alcohol and other drugs
  • Has no requirement for alcohol or drug testing
  • Provides all members with clear guidelines for acceptable practices in relation to the legal and responsible consumption of alcohol at CFA activities and events
  • Provides guidance for members taking prescription or over the counter drugs that may adversely affect or impair their ability to perform duties safely
  • Provides information for drug and alcohol counselling and support services

Click here for full details and a link to the online survey.

Due Monday 8th May, 2022




CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.