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2022/23 VESEP Successful Projects

On Friday 28th October, the Minister for Emergency Services the Hon Jaclyn Symes announced the outcomes of the Volunteer Emergency Service Equipment Program (VESEP) for 2022/23.

VESEP provides grants of $2 for every $1 of Brigade or Group funding to assist brigades and groups in acquiring a wide range of additional equipment in recognition of the significant contribution emergency service volunteers provide in supporting Victorian communities.

Now in its 22nd year, VESEP first started out as the Community Safety Emergency Support Program in 2000 and was designed in close consultation with VFBV and volunteers, with the intent being a grants program designed by volunteers with minimal administration required from volunteers.

Since 2000, the program has funded over 2,000 projects totalling more than $150 million dollars, as a investment in maintaining and building volunteer capability by supporting volunteers through grants.

VFBV congratulates the 145 CFA Brigades and Groups who were successful in their VESEP applications for grants across all categories in all districts across the State.

Under the annual grants program volunteer emergency service groups are given the opportunity to apply for grants to purchase equipment including Tankers, Field Command Vehicles, Rehabilitation Units and for minor improvements to stations including refurbishments and amenities, such as kitchens and turnout rooms.

Other operational equipment that can be funded includes thermal imaging cameras, chainsaws, generators, quick fill pumps and remote area lighting. While videoconferencing equipment, laptops, smart TV’s and iPads were also popular items.

A number of brigades and groups were also supported through the Special Access Grant which assists brigades and groups with limited funds to access VESEP by reducing or in some cases eliminating all together the brigade/group contribution.

In addition, brigades and groups across the state will also receive additional equipment and support through a number of statewide initiatives.

It is also a good time for Brigade and Group Management Teams to start considering if there is a project they may wish to apply for a VESEP grant in the future. The VFBV VESEP Application Help pack provides some helpful tips and information that you can use to start thinking and preparing for future applications. A copy of the 2022/23 help pack can be found here.

To any brigade or group who was unsuccessful in this years allocation, please do not be disheartened, talk to your District to ascertain what improvements could be made to your application for the next round of grants.

VFBV congratulates all the successful Brigades and Groups who were successful in obtaining a VESEP grant in 2022/23, you can download a list of the successful brigades and groups below. 

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