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Feedback Requested - Draft CFA Asset and Building Naming

Formal consultation has commenced on a draft CFA Policy and corresponding Procedure to cover the proposed arrangements and requirements applying to the future naming of buildings, parts of buildings and other assets such as vehicles.

The proposed drafts are available as a download from the bottom of this page for consultation purposes.  

In developing these drafts, CFA has advised that they have considered the following things (not exhaustive):

  1. The government requirements for CFA to consider diversity in selection of name.
  2. Ensuring we have single defined, fair and transparent process for the selection of names across CFA.
  3. That existing names already on buildings and assets are unaffected. 
  4. The need for CFA to ensure there is a probity process (similar to existing awards).
  5. Ensuring there is an avenue of appeal available to members.


Members are encouraged to review the drafts and provide any feedback/suggestions/amendments including indicating support/non-support for the proposed documents.

Feedback can be provided by individuals, brigades and groups.  

All feedback is used to inform and influence formal VFBV positions as well as used to influence CFA positions and thinking during the deliberative process. If we need to use your feedback to demonstrate or illustrate the views of members, your personal details will not be shared with CFA, and feedback will always be de-identified to protect your privacy.

We encourage members not to wait until deadlines to provide feedback, but rather provide it as early as possible which will give us a chance to conduct further research that may assist us being able to advocate more strongly for your desired outcome.

Feedback is due by Wednesday 30th November, 2022.

All members are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback. If you have any questions, if you could please contact your local State Councillor or VFBV Support Officer in the first instance.


How to provide feedback:

It would be preferred that members provide feedback ASAP, so that it can be received incrementally, allowing us enough time to consolidate, identify trends and research issues raised by members. 

Feedback can be provided via:

  1. Emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  2. Your local VFBV District Council or your local VFBV Support Officer

  3. By Post: 9/24 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East VIC 3151

  4. By Fax: (03) 9886 1618

Feedback does not need to be long or detailed, but if you do have the time to make substantive comment that is always welcome.

If you generally support a principle or policy, then a quick note letting us know would also be helpful. Similarly, let us know if you do not support it, or which aspects of it you don't support.

Where indicating non-support, it would be helpful to understand the key reasons why, and even a couple of brief bullet points would be adequate. Likewise, if you would prefer to provide a more detailed response, or mark-up and suggest changes to the documents, that is welcome also.

Your feedback will assist us form a VFBV position and response to the proposed changes and help us advocate on behalf of CFA volunteers. Please consider getting involved, and providing us your feedback ASAP.

Please remember to provide feedback in support as well as against. If we only hear from those who are against, it can be harder to determine the general comfort level of members with the proposals.

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