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2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours – Nominations Now Open

CFA is currently accepting and encouraging nominations for the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) for the 2022 Queen’s Birthday honours list.

The AFSM is a prestigious award that honours the distinguished service of members of fire services, including CFA volunteers who make an exceptionable contribution to their communities. The award recognises those whose service is above and beyond the normal zealous and faithful discharge of normal or ordinary service, either in the short or long term.

While volunteers are often modest and reluctant to seek out recognition for their exceptional contributions protecting lives and property, nominating a fellow volunteer to recognise this contribution is a way to say ‘thank you’ to those people who have stepped up and helped to inspire other volunteers.

Anyone can put forward an application for someone they think deserves to be honoured. It is however critically important that nominations are encouraged from groups who are typically underrepresented in Australian Honours including the AFSM. Nominations are particularly encouraged for potential awardee’s from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with disabilities and particularly women who are underrepresented in being honoured with an AFSM. There are many exceptional CFA volunteers who deserve to be recognised.

It is important to remember that the AFSM is not a long-service award, its sole criterion is distinguished service. Distinguished service includes service that is above and beyond and can either be short-term or prolonged. While prolonged service forms part of the key criteria, ‘prolonged’ is considered by the honours and awards committee’s to be taken in context as to what is considered ‘longer than usual’ and in context of what is ‘above and beyond’ the normal or ordinary service expected.

While it can seem daunting to nominate a potential recipient, some guiding principles that could assist in completing a nomination for an AFSM are:

- In what role(s) has the nominee excelled?
- How has the nominee demonstrated service worthy of recognition?
- How has the nominee’s contribution affected a particular field, locality, brigade, group or the community at large?
- Over what period has the nominee made a major commitment?
- Has the nominee’s contribution been recognised elsewhere?
- What makes this person stand out from others?
- What specific examples can be provided to show how the nominee’s contribution(s) have been outstanding?

Nominations for CFA members for the 2022 Queen’s Birthday honours list should be submitted to CFA by 1 November 2021, the person being nominated should not be advised of the potential nomination at any stage and all information should be gathered from other sources.

CFA calls for applications twice a year for the AFSM, therefore it is also worthwhile considering additional nominations for future awards and to start preparing nominations now in order to be prepared.


CFA Resources

Guide to preparing nominations for the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) 

AFSM nomination form (please note that this form has been updated recently by EMV so all applications should be submitted using the new form) 

If you want to discuss a potential nomination or need additional information, contact CFA’s Awards and Recognition Officer, Belinda Gillespie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 9262 8842.


Criteria for the Australian Fire Service Medal

To be considered for this award it would be expected that the nominee has given service beyond the norm exemplified by:

1. Prolonged service distinguished by exceptional performance in a particular area that has proved significant benefit to the fire service; and one or more of the following:

2. Responsibility for and management of an outstanding/exceptional event that has proven to be of significant benefit to the fire service, a community or community safety generally.

3. Development of a new system, or procedure, or technique that is unique and has made a significant contribution to the fire service, a community or community safety generally.

4. Outstanding leadership in the encouragement and development of others, particularly youth, within the fire service and the fostering and furthering of the aims of the fire service to the long-term benefit of the fire service and the community.

5. Demonstrated creativity in the development and implementation of innovative changes that have made a significant contribution to the fire service, fire/emergency operations, or the interests of community safety.

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