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NSW in the line of duty death

We are again saddened to advise that a NSW volunteer firefighter has this evening lost their life in the line of duty fighting a fire near Jingrllic, south west NSW, close to the Victorian border. A further two other firefighters were injured in the same truck and are being conveyed to hospital with serious burns.

The firefighters were working on the Green Valley, Talmalmo Fire, approximately 70km east of Albury when it’s believed that the truck rolled when hit by extreme winds associated with the fire. A second vehicle working in the same area was also blown over and the firefighter on board has been transported to hospital.

Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with the families, loved ones and peers during this sad time.

On behalf of VFBV, CFA volunteers and all members we express our deepest sorrow and pass on our heartfelt thoughts and prayers. We mourn alongside our NSW firefighter brethren for this devastating loss.

NSW RFS are establishing a dedicated bank account to collect donations for the families, and I will advise of further details in due course.

With hundreds of firefighters still battling out of control blazes across NSW and Victoria as the wind change continues to move through causing havoc this evening, our thoughts are with all our crews and their safety.

Adam Barnett, Chief Executive Officer
Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria




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