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Friday, 11 March 2016 00:00

Great News on Digital Scanners

A successful VFBV/CFA bid for additional funding means all Brigades and Groups that applied for any leftover digital scanners under Tier 2 of the subsidy program will now get as many as they requested at the subsidised price.

A phenomenal 994 Brigades and 81 Groups have responded to the Tier 1/2 program which closed on 15 January, with over 7,000 units ordered under Tier 1 alone. CFA has advised that they have completed shipping of all Tier 1(A) orders (the first three scanners to each Brigade), with the remainder of Tier 1(B) orders (up to five more) to be finished shipping by the end of March.

VFBV has again agreed to take on the ordering logistics for the Tier 2 program, and will coordinate payments from Brigades/Groups on behalf of CFA, just as we did for the Tier 1 program. CFA will continue to manage the purchase and shipping of the units.

Download the Brigade Order Form here

Download the Group Order Form here


Each Brigade or Group will receive confirmation of their Tier 2 order via email, along with instructions and next steps. You are reminded that Tier 2 orders were binding, and as such the units have been ordered from the manufacturer. Please be advised that Brigades and Groups have until 15 May 2016 to pay for their orders, and you are encouraged to return payment ASAP, as orders will be shipped in the sequence that payment is received. As there are still long lead times from when CFA places an order with the manufacturer to when they are available in the country, the quicker your payment is received, the earlier you will receive the units.

We have prepared an updated FAQ sheet that also includes details about the use of external antennas that will improve performance for those members located in areas with poor or weak reception. You can download the FAQ sheet by clicking here, or download a copy of the confirmation letter and instructions by clicking here.

The whole subsidy program has been an outstanding success for members, and is a great example of CFA and VFBV working together for the benefit for our members.

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