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Country Fire Authority (CFA)
The Official public website of the victorian Country Fire Authority

CFA Online (Brigades Online)
Private site for CFA Members only

CFA's official image gallery

Emergency Memberlink
Emergency Memberlink is a recognition program for CFA and VICSES staff and volunteers that provides benefits and discounts to our members.

Australasian Fire Authorities Council AFAC
The Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) is a peak fire and emergency services industry body established by its members to collaborate on matters of international, national and regional importance.

Australian Government Disaster Assist

Australian Government assistance to Australians affected by disasters, both in Australia and overseas. 

Bushfire CRC
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre

Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)
The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is Victoria's lead government agency for sustainable management of water resources, climate change, bushfires, public land, forests and ecosystems.

Emergency Management Australia (EMA)
EMA pursues a cooperative and collaborative relationship with Australian Government agencies such as the Department of Finance and Administration, Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is a world-class national meteorological agency providing expertise and services to assist Australians in dealing with the harsh realities of our
natural environment, including drought, floods, fires, storms, tsunami and tropical cyclones.

The Fireman
Since 1947 ‘The Fireman’ has provided news and information to CFA brigades, keeping fire-fighters up to date on developments within the organisation.

Victorian Emergency Services Association (VESA)
VESA was formed in 1983 with the objective of providing a focus for representing the views of Volunteers of VICSES on issues which affect them.

Youth Central
Youth Central is the Victorian Government's web-based initiative for young people aged 12-25


The Council of Australian Volunteer Fire Associations (CAVFA) is a collaboration of eleven volunteer fire brigade associations within Australia. The Council was established to give volunteer fire-fighters a united voice in discussions and negotiations with government and key stakeholders.



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CFA Volunteers are the unpaid professionals of our Emergency Services. VFBV is their united voice, and speaks on behalf of Victoria's 60,000 CFA Volunteers.


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